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Title: Mr.2/12/2015 4:21:03 AM
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Title: 2/11/2013 5:58:00 PM
Chinese New Year Eve dinner on Sat Feb 9 8pm, we made dinner reservation on Feb 8th for two persons. We order the special "8 Treasures Whole Duck" dish. After we were sat, we told the server we have ordered in advance the special dish. The server told us there were so much mess up probably they sold our preordered dish to their customers. I asked how could that be? The server asked us to talk to the owner and yes NO duck dish. This restaurant is poorly managed. We will probably never go back there to eat again.

Title: Mr.12/23/2014 5:25:23 AM
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Title: Fredrick Parker12/18/2014 4:19:23 AM
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Title: Excellent Experience11/5/2013 10:30:17 PM
A group of coworkers and I visited the restaurant. The food and service was excellent. I will definitely recommend the restaurant to others.

Title: Dr Cathy Tralau-Stewart11/19/2013 3:47:32 AM
HelloI am planning a business lunch at Joy on Nov 25th. However, I need to eat Gluten, wheat or flour free. Can you serve anything that does not have these in ?Thank youCathy

Title: gluten free food11/19/2013 2:10:23 AM
HelloI am planning a business lunch for nov 25th. However I need to have gluten free wheat free flour free food. Is this possible ?Please email me asapThank youCathy

Title: 1/19/2013 10:20:00 PM
Since this was my first experience ever trying Taiwanese food, I have to admit I was impressed. I wasn't knocked out of my bobby socks or anything but, at least I am willing to go out and seek out what other Taiwanese delicacies I'm missing.We ordered spicy dry- fried chicken wings, braised beef noodle with hand cut noodles and the Hupeh (hot/dry) noodles. The spicy dry -fried chicken was a major miss. For those of you who know San Tung dry fried chicken wings - this dish is so not it. The chicken wings arrived on a major bed of chilies. I can handle spicy food but my eyebrows raised when I saw the mini mountain of dried red chilies. The chicken wings were cut in half which i thought was rather odd. Why not just leave the wings whole? It's not like the wings are the size of a turkey or anything. Odd but whatever. The wings were not anything to write home about - skip it. Sad that all I can remember about the dish was the mound of chilies and not the taste.The braised beef noodle w/ hand cut noodles was an ok dish. I found the soup flavorful but on the salty side. My tongue felt coated each time I took a sip of the broth. Again because I've never had Taiwanese cuisine, I was surprised that the hand cut noodles were like little white surfboard swimming in my soup. I guess I thought the hand cut noodles would be similar to the Shanghai noodles or Korean noodles. My bad. Whoops. The little surfboards weren't my thing ( a bit too thick and chewy) but I might go back and try this dish again with regular noodles.I did enjoy the Hupeh noodle. Noodles with sesame paste, tiny dried shrimp and black pepper - who knew that combo would be so tasty? I would definitely order this dish again. It was definitely different but in a good way. On my next visit, I'll give those weekend dishes a try.

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